The recently released Vitals Index, from healthcare marketplace Vitals, ranks America’s Best Running Cities.

American cities’ quality ratings and access to sports medicine physicians and orthopedic surgeons, as well as the number of full and half marathons hosted by a city, the number of participants in the largest race, and the number of runs per person, were studied to compile the ranking list, according to a media release from Vitals.

The top 10 cities, per the release, are (No 1 to No 10): Orlando, Fla; San Diego; Las Vegas; Miami; San Francisco; Seattle, Washington, DC; Birmingham, Ala; Charlotte, NC; and Atlanta.

The release notes that Orlando tops the list because not only do a large number of sports medicine specialists practice in the city, but it also hosts the Walt Disney Marathon—which drew 65,523 runners last year.

San Diego hosts much smaller races, but it holds 11 full or half marathons per year, as well as several shorter-distance events, per the release.

Cities known for their marathons, such as Boston, Chicago, and New York, did not qualify for the top 10 list because, according to the release, they host fewer long-distance runs and tend to have fewer sports specialists per capita.

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[Source(s): Vitals, Business Wire]