The SmartSport Resistance Loop Bands Set, new from SmarterLife Products LLC, is designed to be 1.25 inches wider than typical resistance bands.

The 12-inch-long, 3.25-inch-wide resistance bands are made from nontoxic Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), which according to the company is highly elastic and durable, as well as eco-friendly.

“As fitness enthusiasts, we wanted to improve upon the typical resistance bands offered by other companies by improving the workout experience through greater comfort, a wider range of resistance levels, and incorporating materials that are good for us and good for the environment,” says Tim DePuy, co-founder of the Steamboat Springs, Colo-based company, in the release.

Now available on the Amazon Marketplace, each set comes with five color-coded bands of progressively greater resistances ranging from light to extra-heavy, a drawstring travel pouch, and an eBook with resistance band exercises.

For more information, visit SmarterLife Products LLC.

[Source(s): SmarterLife Products, PRWeb]