A continuous passive motion (CPM) device available through Patterson Medical, Warrenville, Ill, for the knee aims to accommodate pediatric and adult patients alike. The Optiflex3 Knee CPM features Progressive ROM Auto ROM Increase, automatically increasing daily range of motion without having to make adjustments. The product also features Oscillation Zone ROM Stretch Repeat to allow more time spent in the “active” or “working” range of motion, and Fast Back ROM Accelerator, intended to accelerate through non-working ROM while the knee spends more time in “active” range of motion.

The Optiflex3 Knee CPM’s Comfort Zone ROM Limiter is designed to address patient pain threshold by providing therapy at a reduced flexion angle limit. Additional features of the product include a quick conversion from adult to pediatric, universal right/left design, on-board power supply and surface-mount electronics to maximize reliability, patient lockout function, and a wide carriage, measuring 11 inches from the center of the carriage.

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[Source: Patterson Medical]