In this episode, Melanie Hamilton-Basich of Rehab Management and Physical Therapy Products discusses the benefits of providing industrial therapy services with Virginia “Ginnie” Marshall (Halling), PT, CEO of DSI Work Solutions and Glenda Key, founder and CEO of KEY Functional Assessments Network.

They cover why PTs, OTs, and rehab professionals might want to expand their services to include this type of therapy by partnering with employers, how it helps employers do more than just get injured employees back to work, as well as tips for how to get started.

Ginnie has a long history of teaching and supporting DSI’s many providers. She’s worked with employers, physicians, occupational health nurses, case managers, insurers, vocational rehabilitation specialists, attorneys and individual workers over her many years of service. Her experience includes injury prevention, early intervention/return to work and disability management. She has consulted with hospital, occupational medicine and employer based businesses. She is a frequent writer for PTP and RM. She also presents nationally on the topics of work injury prevention and work injury management.

Learn more about her company at and visit her LinkedIn profile. She’s also a contributing member to our coverage of the industry and you can find some of her past work below:

As the CEO and founder of Key Functional Assessments, Glenda has worked tirelessly for over 20 years to craft, build and preserve true partnerships with elite providers within the Industrial Medicine Industry. Her unparalleled dedication to the Workers’ Care Industry in such capacities as: job analysis, job placement assessments, functional capacity assessments, ergonomics, work hardening, work conditioning, overuse syndrome prevention and industrial consulting has resulted in three patented inventions and the widely-referred to textbook “Industrial Therapy” (Mosby) which is now celebrating its twenty-third year in print!