VOX Telehealth has announced the recent launch of its OrthoCare Program at Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital, Richmond, Va. A VOX Telehealth news release reports that the OrthoCare program is designed to use individual patient care plans to engage patients in pre-op educational content and preparation tools, patient reminders, and symptomatic observations. These are tied to a customizable alert escalation and notification system delivered through a multi-device, digital platform.
The release notes that using best practice educational content and medical protocols developed by clinicians from St. Mary’s Orthopedic Institute, the program is intended to improve outcomes and reduce costs for total hip and knee replacement procedures by reducing post-discharge complications and re-admissions, while simultaneously increasing patient satisfaction and quality of life.
In the release, David Brown, founder and CEO of VOX Telehealth, calls the program “a significant step forward” in improving quality of care and outcomes for patients undergoing hip and knee procedures.
“We developed the OrthoCare Program to solve a true patient need—greater contact and better care—while also offering powerful clinical data for the healthcare provider. We are confident that it, along with our future procedure and disease-specific programs, will play a pivotal role in supporting healthcare providers’ efforts to deliver the best care possible, in an efficient and effective manner,” Brown says.
The release states that through accessible patient and provider portals, the VOX OrthoCare Program aims to allow healthcare providers to leverage this technology solution to not only gain a better sense of patients’ compliance characteristics, but also to empower patients, providing a proactive role in their episode of care. The release adds that the system also offers advanced monitoring and metrics engineered to support healthcare providers in the ongoing development of best practice patient pathways.
Source: VOX Telehealth