Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy announces its partnership with Physitrack, a global patient connectivity and telehealth platform.

Together, Ivy and Physitrack will deliver innovative technology for the delivery of virtual care through telehealth, remote patient engagement services, and tracking of clinical and functional outcomes, all via its custom mobile and web-based apps, according to a media release.

“Together, we have rolled out ‘Ivy Rehab Connect,’ a custom version of Physitrack’s patient app that is specifically tailored to Ivy’s needs,” Henrik Molin, CEO and co-founder of Physitrack, says in the release. “We know that our partnership with Ivy will provide an immediate option for virtual care to Ivy’s patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are truly excited for the long-term opportunity to support Ivy’s pathway to telehealth leadership.”

Jeremy VanDevender, Chief Development Officer at Ivy Rehab, states that, “While the COVID-19 crisis has created a unique need to rapidly deploy telehealth services, we do not view our partnership with Physitrack as a short-term solution to the current crisis. As we continuously expand the availability of our world-class care and service, we are confident that our partnership with Physitrack will allow us to achieve our long-term goal of leadership in virtual patient engagement and telehealth services.”

[Source(s): Ivy Rehab Physical Therapy, Physitrack, Business Wire]