Luna, a provider of on-demand physical therapy, announces Luna Protocols as a way to improve the quality and standardization of care.

By guiding therapists in-app to utilize tailored rehabilitation instructions, Luna Protocols ensures patients receive quality care and meet the progress and recovery timeline set by their surgeon. 

With Luna Protocols, providers can be confident that all their patients will get the same quality of care, consistent patient experience, and exceptional clinical outcomes no matter which Luna therapist treats them. 

Through Luna’s technology platform, therapists have access to key precautions and escalation indicators with detailed instructions from the patient’s surgeon. During the patient visit, therapists log the findings, and any warning signs are escalated to the patient’s surgery team in a timely manner. Protocols are specific to each patient’s surgeon and surgery type, a media release from Luna explains.

Luna provides outpatient care where it is most convenient – at home. The Luna platform is designed to match patients with therapists based on speciality, geography, schedules, and other factors. When a patient requests at-home care, a qualified therapist will visit them at a time of their choosing for a one-on-one session. Patients will see the same physical therapist for each visit, ensuring the same therapist is able to track the patient’s progress over time. 

By delivering care in-person, Luna therapists are able to evaluate the patient and create a unique care plan catered to the patient’s individual needs and goals. Between visits, patients and therapists will communicate through the Luna platform to set next appointment times, perform therapist-prescribed exercises, and track the recovery process, the release continues. 

“With the addition of Luna Protocols, our on-demand, in-person physical therapy delivery is not only a more convenient option for patients, but it guarantees quality and standardization in ways that just aren’t happening at a clinic. This new capability allows our therapists to ensure all patients are on track to complete their recovery, while also proactively notifying the surgeon’s team of timely clinical escalations.”

— Co-Founder and Head of Clinical Services at Luna, Palak Shah

Luna works with health systems, physical therapy groups, and orthopedic groups to provide at-home care via in-person delivery in 25 markets and 15 states across the country, including Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, and Washington State.

[Source: Luna]

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