ATI Physical Therapy (ATI) announces the launch of its online physical therapy service offering to maintain continuity of care and allow easier access for patients, given the constraints and challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

ATI’s telehealth solution is a personalized and tailored online option for patients, it notes in a media release.

“ATI Physical Therapy’s online PT program will provide patients continuity in their care and treatment with minimal interruption during this uniquely challenging time,” Labeed Diab, Chief Executive Officer of ATI Physical Therapy, says in the release. “I’m proud that we’re able to provide this convenient option for patients when they cannot visit our clinics.”

ATI’s virtual service offering combines digital screening tools, comprehensive musculoskeletal (MSK) evaluations, expert advice, in-depth content and video messaging all in a secure environment. New patients will have online PT as an option, following a structured initial screening to ensure appropriateness of virtual therapy.

With no app purchase or download necessary, the virtual, personalized session will enable patients to receive the same one-on-one interaction and guidance from a physical or occupational therapist as they would by visiting a clinic. Patients only need a smartphone, tablet or computer to access secure, HIPAA-compliant video sessions with licensed ATI physical and occupational therapists.

If patients prefer to see a therapist in-person, nearly all of ATI’s clinics remain open and are following all health and sanitation guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the release explains.

“We are excited to offer our patients a virtual physical therapy option. ATI’s Strategy & Innovation team began systematically assessing partners for our telehealth program over a year ago to ensure we’d be providing patients with the best service and treatment that’s consistent with in-person evaluations and visits,” states Katie Koenig, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer.

ATI began its pilot program of the new online PT service in March and has introduced it across its national footprint as a viable option for patients. Behind the scenes, the service fully integrates into ATI’s internal systems; is guided by ATI’s industry database of best practices and outcomes; and works with insurance providers as a covered treatment option, per the release.*

For more information about ATI’s online PT service offering, visit ATI Physical Therapy.

*Availability may vary based on your location and insurance plan. Please contact your physical therapist to see if online physical therapy is right for you.

[Source(s): ATI Physical Therapy, Business Wire]