More than 20,000 visits have been completed by clinicians accepting visits from organizations using AxxessCARE, the scheduling and staffing solution which is available as part of Axxess’ home health software.

The 20,000 completed visits milestone was achieved in only 6 months after the 10,000-visit mark was achieved during the previous two years, according to a news release.

“This is an exciting milestone because it reinforces that AxxessCARE is providing a valuable solution for staffing challenges throughout the industry. Through AxxessCARE, home health organizations can schedule their own staff, and when needed, extend their staffing capacity and grow their business through access to qualified clinicians to meet patient needs. At the same time, clinicians enjoy a more convenient way to work.”

— John Olajide, Founder and CEO of AxxessCARE

Axxess has been systematically introducing AxxessCARE to new markets to fine-tune the platform and processes before introducing it to the entire industry. AxxessCARE initially launched in Texas, but now home health organizations in 16 states can connect with nurses and physical therapists to complete visits, per the release.

Axxess CARE is integrated with Axxess Home Health, a secure, HIPAA-compliant software platform, allowing organizations to post visits for qualified professionals. After downloading the AxxessCARE mobile app through the Apple App Store or Google Play, clinicians can apply for visits after background checks and license verifications have been completed. Organizations have the flexibility to review and select the most appropriate clinician for each posted visit.

Through the AxxessCARE platform, organizations can view clinician profiles, competencies, expertise, availability and ratings at any time, and communicate with interested clinicians, post visits, and coordinate care in real time. AxxessCARE’s advanced electronic visit verification feature helps organizations know when visits are complete so they can review documentation, easily process payments, and rate performance.  

“We have heard from many providers who love the convenience of knowing they can access additional qualified clinicians whenever they are needed.” Olajide adds. “We have also received encouraging words from clinicians who are part of the AxxessCARE network because they can apply for visits that are convenient to their location and schedule, and at rates that work for them,” Olajide added.

Via the AxxessCARE app, clinicians can complete all visit documentation right in the patient’s home, allowing them to complete work faster. They can also easily track past, current and projected earnings.  

For more information, visit AxxessCARE.

[Source(s): Axxess, PR Newswire]