A recent article in Forbes magazine lists physical therapists among the top 10 “toughest jobs to fill in 2016.”

According to the article, the Society of Human Resource Management, in collaboration with Carlsbad, Calif-based CareerCast, evaluated 200 professions using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other government sources, trade association and private security firms data, and employers in various fields to compile the report.

Healthcare jobs on the list included physical therapists and home healthcare aides.

The combination of Baby Boomers retiring from healthcare fields such as nursing, while at the same time needing more care as they age, contributes to the need for such healthcare positions to be filled. The demand is further increasing by the Affordable Care Act making it possible for more people to receive the care that they need, the article explains.

The rest of the list includes data scientists, electrical engineers, general operations managers, information security analysts, marketing managers, medical service managers, and software engineers.

According to the jobs report, the American Physical Therapy Association estimates that in 2016, there could be up to 33,000 unfilled full-time physical therapists positions.

“Like other healthcare fields, demand is up due to greater accessibility to health insurance and the aging population,” the report states.

[Source: Forbes]