NPTE Final Frontier, a comprehensive NPTE education and support company, aims to help all aspiring physical therapists pass the national board exam and receive their licenses.

Using FSBPT guidelines, frequently updating the course each NPTE cycle to ensure it’s up to date with recent questions and requirements, NPTE Final Frontier monitors a customizable program that suits all individual needs.

“We understand there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the NPTE, which is why our program is built upon a unique application that is custom tailored to each and every student,” says Dr Bhupinder Singh, PT, PhD, developer of NPTE Final Frontier, in a media release.

“Using a fully adaptable platform that is compatible with every device, we also ensure our students can stay connected anywhere they go, never missing a beat preparing for this exam.”

NPTE Final Frontier is built on the Moodle platform, backed by University-level software and content. On the website, students have the option of perusing the Full Live Course, signing up with a licensed study partner, purchasing the Study Bundle or Audio Bundle, completing a diagnostic session, and managing a timetable with daily topics included.

Singh is a licensed physical therapist and tenured assistant professor who specializes in NPTE preparation. During the completion of his PhD at the University of Iowa, Singh was approached by other students struggling to pass the NPTE.

After launching his own online coaching course with a 100% pass rate, he came up with the business concept for NPTE Final Frontier. Since its debut in August 2015, NPTE Final Frontier has helped hundreds of students pass the NPTE exam, the release estimates.

As more students apply for the NPTE program, Singh is growing the team accordingly, he adds.

“We have an outstanding Business Partner, Derek Camilleri, and a full team of licensed physical therapists, all of whom are NPTE Final Frontier alumni, who work with me collaboratively to build an engaging program that addresses every aspect of the NPTE exam,” Singh states. “We are incredibly passionate about we do, and encourage anyone staring down this exam to consider the professional support and educational guidance we provide here at NPTE Final Frontier.”

[Source: NPTE Final Frontier]