The Therapy+ Software Suite, designed by Parker Hannifin Corp’s Human Motion and Control Business Unit for the Indego exoskeleton, has recently been released in Europe, and will be available in the US soon.

The software features a new control mechanism allowing patients to be in charge of their gait and for the exoskeleton to assist only when necessary. It also offers auditory signals that provide real-time feedback to the patient and therapist.

“We are very proud to offer Indego and its Therapy+ Software Suite, as the first exoskeleton that allows non-trajectory based gait training in Europe,” says Achilleas Dorotheou, head of the Human Motion and Control Business Unit at Parker Hannifin Corp, in a media release from the Cleveland-based company. “Until today, all commercially available exoskeletons moved patients on a pre-defined gait trajectory.”

The software is presently available only in Europe for neurological patients with gait impairments, and is being used in a trial to collect safety-related data to obtain US Food and Drug Administration clearance later this year.

[Source: Parker Hannifin Corp]