BIONIK Laboratories Corp launches InMotion Connect, a cloud-based data analytics solution developed to meet the data connectivity and analytics needs of hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide.

InMotion Connect is designed to stream and store anonymized data from all connected InMotion robotics devices to BIONIK’s cloud server hosted by Amazon AWS. It combines real-time data of each InMotion robotic device with BIONIK’s clinical specialists to collaboratively partner with each clinic to promote utilization of the robotic devices and support clinician engagement, with the goal of enhancing patient care.

Reporting capabilities in the platform focus on deep data analytics with customizable and adaptive dashboards to support effective decision-making for clinicians and for hospital management, a media release from BIONIK Laboratories explains.

InMotion Connect is being deployed initially at Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital Oklahoma City, a Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services managed site. The deployment follows a pilot program with Kindred where more than 20 hospitals participated in an initiative to use data to empower on-site and hospital system-wide decision making to drive better technology adoption.

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Cloud-based data analytics were combined with BIONIK’s clinical specialists to collaboratively partner with local staff to drive optimal use of InMotion technology, while the resulting data was utilized by both local and corporate hospital management to support better utilization of the robots as well as improved patient outcomes.

“We’re pleased to partner with BIONIK for the launch of InMotion Connect and to deploy their innovative platform at Mercy Rehab Oklahoma City. The value-add of being able to manage patient treatment remotely is even more important today than ever before, and we believe BIONIK’s Connect platform provides the robust capabilities our clinicians need to ensure optimal patient outcomes.”

— Russ Bailey, Chief Operating Officer, Kindred Rehabilitation Hospitals

The Company believes that technology adoption can be one of the biggest barriers for the successful implementation of new systems within clinics. InMotion Connect has been designed by BIONIK to provide valuable and insightful data that is expected to help maximize technology adoption and increase asset utilization, better engage clinicians and management teams, lead to better patient outcomes, and increase returns on investment, the release continues.

“InMotion Connect targets the critical need to improve technology adoption at each rehabilitation clinic that can be monitored through the platform to ensure that the state-of-the-art rehabilitation methods are effectively in use across the hospital network. The single platform that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, helps increasing technology adoption due to convenience and ease-of-use for the clinician, hospital management and headquarter teams.”

— Dr Eric Dusseux, CEO, BIONIK

[Source(s): BIONIK Laboratories Corp, Business Wire]