BIONIK Laboratories Corp has partnered with Intelliware Development to customize and deploy InMotion Connect, a software program designed to connect InMotion robotic devices with hospital information systems.

InMotion Connect targets the critical need to link patient-centric rehabilitation results to patient management portals and electronic medical records (EMR) at any hospital or rehabilitation facility. Leveraging Intelliware’s healthcare software development expertise ensures the HL7-compliant InMotion Connect will seamlessly feed data through existing various hospital protocols, providing practitioners protected patient data and treatment results. Customized reporting capabilities in the platform focus on facility and organization measurement dashboards to support effective decision-making for clinicians and for hospital management, BIONIK Labs explains in a media release.

“Access to patient data within the rehabilitation community is critical to ensure personalized care that drives positive outcomes. Moving forward, we want to ensure that the clinicians can efficiently monitor patient activities across the organization and provide the real-time data connectivity they need to do so. We chose to partner with Intelliware on these key initiatives due to their extensive track record of developing and customizing secure, reliable software solutions for the healthcare sector that are user friendly and compliant with the highly regulated medical environment,” says Michal Prywata, CTO, BIONIK, in the release.

“We are excited to partner with BIONIK, a recognized leader in the robotic rehabilitation space, on key initiatives related to the software and data connectivity requirements for their suite of InMotion products,” states Andrew Pitt, Senior Vice President, Delivery, Intelliware Development. “It is our continued focus to help develop a solution that will work in tandem with the InMotion devices to meet the needs of both the rehabilitation provider and the patient. We look forward to working closely with BIONIK throughout this collaboration.”

[Source(s): BIONIK Laboratories Corp, Business Wire]