Cerora Inc, Bethlehem, Pa, has introduced Qumpass, neuropsychological testing software designed to help empower clinicians to objectively assess the risk of an athlete returning to play too soon after suffering a concussion. The new software is the first in a series of new Cerora products aimed at providing coaches and sports medicine practitioners with objective criteria for their decisions on whether players are ready to resume sports, studies, or other brain-intensive challenges.

Adam Simon, PhD, CEO of Cerora, states, “We’ve designed our new Qumpass software precisely to address the need for cognitive data that would inform the concussion-related decisions that sports clinicians like Jack Foley [director of sports medicine at Lehigh University] deal with daily. In addition to Qumpass, we are working closely with Jack and Lehigh Sports Medicine to evaluate the addition of our new MindReader wearable EEG/biosensor device to his trainer’s kit of available tools.”

For additional information on Qumpass, visit www.cerora.com.

[Source: Cerora Inc]