Reflexion Health announces it has entered into an agreement with Delta Joint Management to remotely monitor Delta’s total joint replacement surgery patients in their homes via Reflexion’s VERA (Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant) digital physical therapy platform.

The VERA platform features a combination of avatar coaching and 3D biometrics with tools engineered to help enable clinicians to remotely monitor patients beyond the traditional in-clinic setting.

“As a treating physician, it’s important to me that I have visibility into how a patient is doing after surgery,” says Stephen Lucey, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at Delta Joint Management and Sports Medicine and Joint Replacement—a group of three private orthopedic practices in Greensboro, NC—in a media release from Reflexion Health.

“VERA gives me that insight into patient recovery even when my patients are one or two states away—increasing our potential footprint as a practice and our ability to help patients near and far.”

Delta Joint Management comprises three orthopedic clinics in Greensboro, NC: Sports Medicine and Joint Replacement, Greensboro Orthopaedics, and Southeastern Orthopaedic Specialists.

The VERA platform is uniquely designed to deliver home-based, on-demand therapy sessions via an avatar along with remote monitoring and telehealth visits, saving patients the burden of finding rides to the clinic, dealing with traffic, or making appointments, the release continues.

“We’re proud to partner with Delta Joint Management to provide patient-focused, data-driven, and value-based care,” states Joseph Smith, MD, PhD, chief executive officer, Reflexion Health, in the release.

For more information about the VERA platform, visit Reflexion Health.

[Source(s): Reflexion Health, PR Newswire]