Cora Physical Therapy, a national operator of 250+ outpatient physical therapy clinics, has partnered with Medsender, a provider of AI document automation tools for healthcare, to streamline its administrative processes with AI across all locations.

Studies have shown that administrative expenses account for 15% to 25% of national healthcare expenditures. Furthermore, a third of physicians spend 20 hours or more a week on paperwork and administrative tasks. By leveraging Medsender’s cutting-edge AI platform, Cora aims to automate data entry and routing of faxes using Medsender AI.

“Our staff was spending countless hours each day manually reading, typing, and uploading faxes to where they belong,” says Ahmad Malik, CIO of Cora Physical Therapy. “Using Medsender AI, we can free our staff from these repetitive steps and ensure we schedule patients for care faster than ever before and receive the most efficient care possible. The transition to Medsender was an exceptionally smooth process. We look forward to automating additional processes using the AI-based data identification and extraction by Medsender.”

“With a proven track record of implementing cutting-edge technology, Cora’s selection of Medsender demonstrates their commitment to improving patient care and reducing the administrative burden on their staff,” says Zain Qayyum, co-founder & co-CEO at Medsender. “With this partnership, Cora has poised itself to achieve greater efficiency in their document management processes, allowing their staff to focus more on patient care.”

Medsender’s innovative document platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline the sending, receiving, and processing of medical documents. With 100% HIPAA-compliant technology, Medsender categorizes incoming faxes and securely extracts vital patient information, eliminating staff needing to process faxes manually. Medsender also integrates with pre-existing Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), creating a seamless filing experience.

Switching to Medsender allowed Cora to save 30% on fax costs and reduce time spent on manual fax processing by an estimated 20% using Medsender AI.

The collaboration between Cora Physical Therapy and Medsender aligns with the healthcare industry’s ongoing transformation toward digitalization and automation. By integrating Medsender’s advanced automation platform, Cora aims to improve operational efficiency, reduce the risk of manual errors, and enhance overall patient care.