The University of St Augustine for Health Sciences is presenting the 3-day seminar, “Spinal Evaluation & Manipulation,” in various cities across the United States for physical therapists looking to earn continuing education credits.

The seminar will explore basic science knowledge toward the development of clinical skills needed for differential evaluation and effective treatment of spinal dysfunction, explains a media release from the university.

During the seminar, physical therapists will receive instruction and techniques of evaluating structure, active movements, and palpation for condition, position, and mobility of the spine. They will also receive instruction on manipulation techniques at all levels of the spine except the sub cranial area. Supportive treatments, such as exercises and distraction, will be instructed and practiced to a limited degree.

By the end of the seminar, the instructors aim to teach physical therapists how to conduct a comprehensive physical examination of the spine; describe the mechanisms and characteristics of spinal pain and the behavior of pain patients; safely perform basic spinal manipulation techniques; and observe, perform, and demonstrate safe thrust techniques on the thoracic and lumbar spine.

The instructors also aim to teach physical therapists how to discuss and present cases with spinal dysfunction; describe the indications and contraindications of spinal manipulation; and demonstrate and appreciate the role of therapeutic exercise and preventative measures in the management of spinal dysfunction.

For more information about cities and dates, costs, and to register, visit University of St Augustine for Health Sciences.

[Source(s): University of St Augustine for Health Sciences, PR Newswire]