Shirley, NY-based company Biodex Medical Systems Inc recently hosted its annual visit from the Suffolk County Community College physical therapy students. A company news release notes that the event was led at the Biodex corporate office. It was intended to provide the students with an overview of isokinetics and hands-on demonstrations of the Balance System SD, System 4 Dynamometer, and the Gait Trainer 3.

The release states that during the meeting Bill Galway, business development manager, and Don Gronachan, vice president of physical medicine sales, discussed the principles and advantages of isokinetics, the importance of objective documentation, and the value of the programs the company offers to enhance the versatility of the products.

Gronachan emphasizes the company’s commitment to supporting the rehabilitation community, adding, “We will continue to develop new programs and utilizations, and we’re excited about the challenges ahead.”

The session then moved from the Biodex Learning Center on to the demonstration area, where the students were divided intro three small groups. The students volunteered for hands-on product demonstrations in order to familiarize themselves with the devices and their functions, and observed the reports generated for proving need, tracking progress, and documenting outcomes.

Galway adds, “Biodex is dedicated to furthering the education of future physical therapists. Each year we look forward to seeing new students and discussing our programs and devices with them.”

[Source: Biodex Medical Systems Inc]