Longmont, Colo-based Ball Dynamics International LLC markets products that can be purchased as a set to address back pain and tension. The set includes all three sizes of Body Therapy balls, the FitBALL Small Ball Release Program manual, DVD, and a needle pump. The company’s website notes that the Small Ball Release Program was created by Cheryl Soleway, PT, and provides step-by-step instructions to release tension in muscular and fascial tissue in the pelvic, hip, lower back, middle back, neck, chest, and shoulder areas. The DVD is intended to guide beginners and intermediate home-users through a 45-minute program. The 80-page manual provides the complete back and body routine for individualized programs.

The site also notes that FitBALL Body Therapy Balls offer optimum support and comfort while providing steady counter-pressure. Three balls of decreasing size are offered for increasing challenge.

For more information, visit www.fitball.com

[Source: Ball Dynamics International LLC]