A webinar presented by Medbridge will discuss new concepts in ACL rehabilitation to return an injured athlete to sports. The online continuing education course will review the anatomy and mechanics of the knee that pertain to stability, power, and balance. In addition, an overview of dynamic visual acuity and perturbation training with emphasis on the athlete will be presented. Eccentric strengthening and neuromuscular training will be demonstrated in lab and developed into rehabilitation protocols, according to Medbridge.

Also, “Returning the Injured Athlete to Sports: New Concepts in ACL Rehabilitation” will present evidence-based evaluation tools that will be developed into an extensive assessment of muscle imbalance within the knee. Implementation of rehabilitation programs individualized according to evaluative findings will be reviewed/discussed and demonstrated in case studies, utilizing the research-based findings discovered through the course, as indicated on the online course description.

The overview of this continuing education course will include an explanation of the three factors responsible for greater ACL tears in female athletes as compared to males, as well as defining the three tests that emphasize the vision, vestibular, and somatosensory systems, which provide balance. The Vestibular Training and ACL Rehabilitation chapter of the course will include the presenter explaining which test is most reliable and valid in determining vestibular dysfunction in addition to the importance of the relationship between the vestibular-ocular reflex (VOR) and dynamic visual acuity.

The Demonstrations chapter of the course will cover what exercises are beneficial in improving hand-eye coordination and restoring a normal VOR. Three exercises that are important for returning an athlete to sport following an ACL repair will also be explored.

Robert Donatelli, PhD, PT, is the presenter for this digital continuing education course. To view the first chapter of this course for free or for additional course and registration details, visit www.medbridgeeducation.com.

[Source: Medbridge]