An online continuing education course for rehabilitation professionals from MedBridge Education will focus on the biomechanical, analysis, training, and rehabilitation of runners. “The Running Athlete: Part A- Biomechanics and Analysis” e-course aims to delve into the specifics of the hip, knee, foot ankle, pelvis, and spine to see exactly what affects runners. The digital course, which is taught by Matthew Walsh, PT, will also teach participants techniques to both rehabilitate injured runners and train runners to improve their technique.

The course chapters include: a course introduction and key principles; biomechanics and practical review; biomechanics of the foot and ankle; biomechanics of the knee and hip; and biomechanics of the pelvis and spine. The introduction chapter will discuss the biomechanics of running gait, review the fundamentals of orthopedic evaluation, and apply principles of movement to the evaluation of running-related injuries.

The biomechanics and practical review course chapter will examine the biomechanics of gait into planes of movement and dysfunction, and apply myokinematic principles to the evaluation and rehabilitation of running-related dysfunctions. The final three chapters of the continuing education course will review the biomechanics of the foot and ankle, knee and hip, and pelvis and spine, and will explore specific running injuries related to these parts of the body.

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