An upcoming workshop presented by North American Seminars will focus on advanced evaluation and treatment for the functional rehabilitation of the foot and ankle. The 2-day live workshop aims to teach participants how to perform an effective differential diagnosis process for foot and ankle problems and learn how the biomechanics of the foot can create symptoms from the foot to the lumbar spine. The course, intended to provide intermediate to advanced levels of instruction, will begin with a review of the bone anatomy and joint function of the foot and ankle complex.

According to the online course description, participants will use this information to delineate a structured evaluation and specific functional treatment techniques. With a detailed course manual that provides written descriptions as well as illustrations and selected preoperative/post protocols, emphasis will be placed on understanding biomechanical alignment in addition to treatments for isolated weakness and range of motion deficits occurring in various foot and ankle diagnoses, as noted in the online course description.

Also, the instruction manual will provide useful evaluation forms and examples of suggested treatments. Clinicians will learn functional and static evaluation and screening techniques to guide differential diagnosis and promote comprehensive treatment plans for a number of foot and ankle pathologies, including plantar fasciitis and forefoot disorders. The evidence-based approach in this course to foot and ankle education integrates assessments across several areas of specialization, including physical therapy.

The evidence-based approach also includes useful flexibility, joint mobilization, and strengthening activities, in addition to indications for foot orthotic and specific shoe recommendations. Case studies and group discussions will be used in the educational course to ensure that the participant can implement learned techniques in the clinical setting, according to the online course description. Lab portions of the course will allow individualized instruction in several areas, such as palpation, motion testing, and therapeutic exercises.

This 2-day seminar is scheduled for October 18 and 19, 2014,  and has dates in March, May, and August of 2015. For a schedule of upcoming dates and additional course details, visit

[Source: North American Seminars]