The newest book by Adriaan Louw, PT, PhD, CSMT, targets the stigma and complexities of pelvic pain in order to help reveal its cause and guide patients toward recovery. Co-authoring the book, Why Pelvic Pain Hurts: Neuroscience Education for Patients with Pelvic Pain, are Sandra Hilton, PT, DPT, MS, and Carolyn Vandyken, PT, CredMDT, CCMA(acup),who an OPTP news release points out have committed their careers to pelvic pain research and rehabilitation.

According to the release, research indicates that patients in pain want to know more about their pain, and also that patients who know more about their pain will function better, feel less pain, and be more willing to participate in therapy. Why Pelvic Pain Hurts uses images and metaphors in an effort to change a patient’s cognitions regarding their chronic pelvic pain. This is intended to alleviate fear, clam the nervous system, and motivate patients to participate in therapeutic movement and goal setting.

The 70-page patient book is written in patient-friendly language and features full-color illustrations.

Louw’s Why Pelvic Pain Hurts is available exclusively from OPTP.

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Source: OPTP