A 1-day workshop from Summit Professional Education, titled “Creative Approaches for Therapeutic Exercise in the Older Adult Population,” will aim to provide techniques and strategies based on best practices as well as the latest research to help clinicians implement effective geriatric exercise interventions. The continuing education course aims to help attendees assess, design, and implement effective exercise interventions for the unique needs, abilities, and environments of older patients through the use of videos, case studies, and hands-on demonstration and discussion.

Attendees of this workshop will learn tools to properly determine how to treat common conditions in the older adult and ensure patient compliance for the best results, according to Summit Professional Education. The highlights of the course include learning motivation techniques to encourage geriatric exercise compliance in addition to exercise progressions based on functional test results. Course participants will also learn specific therapeutic exercises for spine care patients and the best research-based functional tests for assessing fall risks, mobility, and strength.

Additional course highlights include examining case studies and demos for clinicians to experience the exercises themselves for real-world application, conducting an extensive review of the changes that occur with the aging process, and creating a rehabilitation program for patients in all phases of recovery. Upon completion of the course, clinicians should be able to design therapeutic exercises that can be administered at home, the clinic, or the gym, and also design evidence-based exercise plans for specific diagnoses.

The therapeutic exercise education course presently has the following dates scheduled: August 20 and 21 in Tennessee; August 22 in North Carolina; and September 10, 11, and 12 in Virginia. For more information on this continuing education workshop, visit http://summiteducation.reachlocal.com.

[Source: Summit Professional Education]