Rutgers School of Public Health offers the state of New Jersey’s reportedly first Safe Patient Handling Conference on March 19, in collaboration with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Zero Lift Task Force in New York.

Organized by Mitchel Rosen, director of the Center for Public Health Workforce Development at Rutgers School of Public Health, the conference aims to educate physical therapists, occupational therapists, other health care workers, and facilities on the risks of musculoskeletal injuries as the result of unsafe patient handling and provide solutions.

Chronic back pain and musculoskeletal injuries resulting from unsafe patient handling contribute to days missed from work and employee compensation claims and are a leading reason these professionals change careers, suggests a media release from Rutgers School of Public Health.

Health care workers often are so focused on their patients that they do not take their own health into consideration. Teaching health workers how to care for themselves is an essential — but sometimes overlooked — part of their training and ongoing education, the release continues.

For more information and to register, visit Rutgers School of Public Health.

[Source(s): Rutgers School of Public Health, Newswise]