North American Seminars offers a 2-day beginning to intermediate-level course designed to offer information and techniques necessary to treat myofascial restrictions. The North American Seminars website notes that throughout the Myofascial Release – From Surface to the Depths course, the anatomy and physiology of fascia and its relationship to proper physiological function will be discussed.

The site notes that the course is also intended to offer extensive lab time to develop assessment and palpation skills in order to identify and treat fascial restrictions. The course will also address techniques for surface and deep membranes, joints, selected organs, and rib excursion enhancement in an effort to further enhance the clinicians’ ability to develop more comprehensive evaluation and treatment programs for orthopedic conditions, neurological problems, chronic pain, and sports injuries. The techniques, the site adds, can benefit patients of all ages with fascial restrictions.

Objectives for the course include key fascial restrictions through posture analysis, understanding the anatomy and physiology of fascia and its contribution to dysfunction, postural problems, loss of motion, and pain, as well as developing enhance palpation skills to pinpoint areas of tension and treat fascial restriction. Additional objectives include applying myofascial release to a range of diagnoses to obtain improved physiological and functional outcomes.

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[Source: North American Seminars]