Hands-On Seminars USA announces in a news release that it has launched Hands-On Seminars Brazil to offer continuing education to physiotherapists and other healthcare providers in Brazil and South America.

For the past 7 years, Hands-On Seminars has provided continuing education programs in Brazil, according to the release.

“Our Mastery Certification in Manual Therapy program has been attended by hundreds of Brazilian therapists, and many of them have been certified,” says Dimitrios Kostopoulos, PT, MD, PhD, DSc, ECS, co-founder of Hands-On Seminars USA, in the release.

However, the release notes that this launch enables Brazil to have its own continuing education organization.

“There is tremendous enthusiasm among Brazilian physiotherapists for the upcoming educational opportunities and the ability of this organization to connect Brazilian and South American therapists with their colleagues in the US and around the world” explains Joe Rosario, PT, PhD, ND, MCMT, MCPT, executive director and co-founder of Hands-On Seminars Brazil, in the release.

According to the release, the following associate faculty have joined Hands-On Seminars Brazil: Dra Ana Murray, Dr Bruno Frazao, Dr Marcelo Karoleski (spine surgeon), Dr Michael Silva, Dra Paola Pini, Dr Rafael Agostinho, Dr Joe Rosario and Dr Alexandre Cavallieri.

This faculty team joins the already-established US and international faculty team of Hands-On Seminars USA to offer continuing education courses to physiotherapists and other health providers in Brazil and South America.

Hands-On Seminars Brazil’s inaugural teaching event will take place in mid-September in Sao Paulo.

“Specific dates, venue, and other events will be announced in the near future,” says Murray, Hands-On Seminars Brazil’s administrative director.

[Source(s): Hands-On Seminars, PRWeb]