According to a recent company news release, HydroWorx, Middletown, Pa, recently debut its new hydrotherapy device the HydroWorx 300 during the annual National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) Clinical Symposia & AT Expo held June 24 to 26.

The release notes that the HydroWorx 300 was slated to be debut during the opening day of the event. The performance unit is built to enable universities, teams, clinics, retirement communities, and other organizations to offer water therapy and performance training anywhere.

Anson Flake, HydroWorx CEO and co-founder, notes in the release that the company “developed the HydroWorx 300 to help bring aquatic therapy to more individuals in need.”

The release states that the HydroWorx 300 is designed as a construction-free, unweighting device. The device uses warm water therapy as a medium to optimize rehabilitation and performance through the water’s buoyancy, resistance, and hydrostatic pressure.

Additionally, on June 25 HydroWorx went on to announce the winner of its 3rd HydroWorx Excellence in Aquatics Award (SMED).

Learn about the nominees here on the company’s website.

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[Source: HydroWorx]