Performance Health announces the launch of a new website called, “Safer Pain Relief,” as well as a campaign featuring NFL quarterback Drew Brees and others, to help build awareness of non-opioid pain relief options—especially those with fewer risks.

Featured on the website is an infographic-style guide that provides information about these options.

“Our country is in crisis, in part because of a lack of awareness about the breadth of options available for managing pain,” explains Performance Health CEO Mike Orscheln, regarding the campaign’s formation, in a media release.

“When it comes to muscle and joint pain, we partner with knowledgeable healthcare professionals, who are able to create individual solutions to this very personal problem. We make many of the products they use to treat pain. As a company, we felt compelled and obligated to lead this critical initiative,” he adds.

The “Safer Pain Relief” campaign also highlights pain-relief products that don’t have side effects common to opioids and NSAIDS, such as Biofreeze pain reliever, TheraBand Kinesiology Tape, TheraPearl hot and cold therapy, and exercise with TheraBand resistance bands.

“It’s clear that there are safe and effective options for pain relief,” says Dr Phil Page, Performance Health’s global director of clinical research and education, in the release. “Performance Health makes accessing these even easier.”

As a way to bring attention to pain relief, Brees stars in a commercial titled “OverDrewing It,” in which he uses Biofreeze Pain Reliever.

In the release, Brees states that he is, “fortunate to know how safe and effective the combination of professional care and professional products is. I want to encourage people everywhere to take advantage of these incredible resources.”

[Source(s): Performance Health, PRWeb]