School districts and other education organizations now have the opportunity to participate in in-house training sessions offered by Education Resources Inc.

Issues addressed via such trainings in the schools include: best strategies to support students with sensory and motor challenges, mental health issues, motor issues in autism, gaining postural stability and bilateral coordination, and visual spatial strategies to facilitate early literacy development.

More topics include: practical tools to handle aggression, intervention for fine motor skills, embedded interventions to overcome barriers to school participation, and issues working with the moderately to severely involved child.

These courses are designed for physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, and others who work with school-aged children, according to a media release from Education Resources Inc.

Education Resources Inc will work with each facility to understand its training objectives; identify options for courses, faculty, and pricing; and facilitate all aspects of delivering a successful course, including provision of CEU certificates.

For more information and to discuss specific training needs and goals, contact

[Source(s): Education Resources Inc, PRWeb]