In addition to the many specialized products and services they have on hand in their clinics, many physical therapists offer their clients guidance in finding products and services to meet their needs to complete their activities of daily living. Informed physical therapists can aid clients with functional impairments or mobility impairments in finding equipment and tools that will improve their ability to safely and comfortably live in their homes as well as navigate their communities. Products that help therapists provide personalized, updated care for these needs are just some of the miscellaneous listings you’ll find in this section.

Shower/Commode Chair

ActiveAid, Redwood Falls, Minn, offers the 285TR, Rehab Shower/Commode Chair with Tilt, Recline, and Seat-Height Adjustment, featuring a stainless-steel frame with a reclining back and a tool-free, 4-way seat. The combination of tilt-in-space and recline is designed to easily accommodate complex positioning needs as well as provide support, comfort, and pressure relief. The chair’s height adjustment allows it to be used over toilets or with a commode pan, enabling versatility in homes or institutions.

For more information, contact ActiveAid, (800) 533-5330;

Orthopedic Reference App

iOrtho+ Premium is a state-of-the-art, evidence-based mobile app. iOrtho+ Premium contains more than 450 clinical tests and more than 120 manual techniques. Each clinical test includes an image, video, description, statistical data, and references. The manual techniques include images with vector arrows and concise descriptions. iOrtho+ Premium is available on desktops/laptops, and on Apple and Android devices. Subscriptions are as low at $1.99 per month or $9.99 per year. All updates are free with an active subscription. Having iOrtho+ Premium on your device is like having a textbook in your pocket.

For more information, contact DTG Enterprises LLC, [email protected];

Liquid Sunmate FIPS (Foam-In-Place Seating)

This simple, 3-chemical, mix-and-pour, direct custom-molded seating system from Dynamic Systems Inc, Leicester, NC, produces a durable, high-performance, medical-grade, viscoelastic, open-cell, polyurethane foam FIPS cushion designed to help patients achieve advanced posture control and pressure relief. Six different support levels from extra-soft to semi-rigid, and four different unit sizes, are available. Create pediatric, adult, and bariatric wheelchair cushions or custom-molded parts. A DIY fabric-finished, waterproof insert could be completed in 2-4 hours or could be sent to the company for finishing. FIPS passes TB 117 with optional FRG additive available to pass stricter fire codes. Made in the USA with up to 42% plant-derived ingredients.

For more information, contact Dynamic Systems Inc, 855-SUNMATE (7867-6283);

Door-Operating System

Manufactured by Open Sesame Door Systems Inc, San Leandro, Calif, the Open Sesame automatic door opener is engineered to easily attach to an existing interior or exterior residential door. The system is low voltage and uses a plug-in 24-volt transformer. The device can be operated from a wheelchair-mounted remote control for easy entry and exit. Special activation devices are also available for individuals who have little hand function. The door remains locked and secure, and no change of door hardware or keys is necessary. Attendants may use an exterior keypad (optional) or existing keys. Remote activation options are available for all needs, including voice control. For safety, the system continues to operate during a power outage on internal battery backup for several hours.

For more information, contact Open Sesame Door Systems Inc, (888) 973-7263;

Storage Bag

The Monster Bag from DIESTCO Manufacturing Corp, Chico, Calif, can be used to carry everything one needs while outside, enjoying life. The large storage bag and seatback bag are designed to secure belongings safely and securely behind or in front of the mobility device, enabling independence and confidence.

For more information, contact DIESTCO Manufacturing Corp, (800) 795-2392;

ORBIT Patient Transfer Lift

EZ-ACCESS, Algona, Wash, offers the ORBIT Patient Transfer Lift as a safe, convenient device to assist in lifting and transferring individuals who have limited mobility. This patient transfer lift features an articulating arm and single-post pivoting stanchion that both rotate 360 degrees and offer a reach of up to 5 feet in all directions, which can provide precise, all-around flexibility, even in tight spaces. The ORBIT’s non-obtrusive design allows the unit to be placed in small bedrooms and bathrooms and can be used with a wide variety of beds. ORBIT’s range of motion allows patients to be easily positioned wherever needed.

For more information, contact EZ-ACCESS, (800) 451-1903;

Special Needs Beds

SleepSafe Beds, available from SleepSafe Beds Inc, Bassett, Va, are built to be an ultra-safe solution to address problems with entrapment and falls for those with special needs, particularly children with physical and cognitive challenges. Three models, with safety rail height protection ranging from 8 to 36 inches above the mattress, are available in twin, full, and queen sizes. With more than 25,000 combinations available, each SleepSafe Bed is tailored to the safety and medical needs of the individual. The beds are designed to meet or exceed FDA guidelines on the seven Zones of Entrapment.

For more information, contact SleepSafe Beds Inc, (866) 852-2337;

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