ZetrOZ Inc recently joined United BMEC, a Singapore-based rehabilitation and mobility company, to debut sam, a multiple-hour bio-electronic wearable device for pain, at the Medica medical expo November 12 to 15 in Frankfurt, Germany.

According to a company news release, the ultrasound bio-electronic device, which is designed for pain relief and accelerated healing, was cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and CE-marked earlier this year and is now available for use in primary care.

The device has also reportedly yielded successful clinical trials supported by the National Institutes of Health for treating knee arthritis, upper back, and tendonitis, is currently being tested by the National Space Biomedical Research Institute for use on astronauts in the ground and in space, and also yielded positive results with elite Olympic athletes, according to the release.

The release adds that the international launch of the device at Medica was intended to offer hospitals and medical device distributors the opportunity to demo and purchase sam, as well as meet with the bio-medical scientist behind the technology, George K. Lewis, PhD, ZetrOZ inventor and chief scientific officer.

The device aims to provide “first line” therapy to individuals with acute pain before it becomes chronic, Lewis says, adding, “We are working to manage pain and resolve medical conditions for the 1.5 billion sufferers worldwide by introducing doctors, physical therapists, and hospitals to sustained acoustic medicine.”

Eng Eng Joo, president of United BMEC, notes “Having worked with ZetrOZ since 2009, we are proud to have been an early supporter of this cutting-edge technology and to be collaborating in introducing bio-innovative pain technology to the world.”

[Source: ZetrOZ Inc]