Nautilus Inc, Vancouver, Wash, recently announced in a company news release the Apple Healthkit integration with its Bowflex Max Trainer this month, which will be followed closely by integration with the recently launched Nautilus 616 cardio line.

The release notes that the Apple Health app is designed to allow users to track all their fitness and health information in one easy-to-read dashboard. Users can now sync their Bowflex Max Trainer and Nautilus 616 workouts with Apple Health, and see data that includes calories burned, heart rate, distance covered and time in the Health dashboard.

In addition to the Apple HealthKit, the release reports that Nautilus Inc plans to integrate new digital health and fitness platforms across all of its Bluetooth Smart-enabled fitness equipment to offer users access to the newest tools, as well as guaranteeing a consistent experience on both Apple and Android devices.

Rob Murdock, vice president/general manager of Nautilus Inc, adds in the release that “….Studies prove that digital connectivity and the ability to track progress play a critical role in keeping people motivated and engaged. We are dedicated to leveraging these tools and engaging consumers to better understand and manage their health and fitness.”

Source: Nautilus Inc