Gradient Medical, the manufacturer of the Quadrabloc wearable device to help manage chronic pain associated with activity and aging, launches a redesigned website that has been enhanced to improve the user’s experience.

The website will continue to focus on educating consumers on the relevance of magnetic therapy and the use of the Quadrabloc to help manage one’s pain.

“Today’s consumer is presented with more ‘big brand, big budget’ pain management options than ever before, including opiates, NSAIDs, and over-the-counter pharmaceutical and wearable device options. As a result, the relevance and importance of magnetic therapy can get lost in the noise. Our aim is to provide the most pain-free shopping experience to those seeking pain relief,” John Townsend, chairman of Memphis, Tenn-based Gradient Medical, in a media release.

Quadrabloc features quadrapolar magnetic discs that, when placed directly over the pain site, are designed to help block pain signals that originate in the sensory nerve fibers and travel to the brain.

The device is available as a back belt for low back pain, as a pad for regional pain across the body, and as a disc set for isolated pain areas.

[Source(s): Gradient Medical, PR Newswire]