Zoe and Zak’s Pain Hacks is a new series of pain education books for kids. Written by Joshua W. Pate, PhD, the books are now available from OPTP. 

This five-book series of hardcover books is designed to help children learn to talk about pain with their family, friends, teachers, and health professionals. The first four books each address one key target concept, the fifth book brings these learning outcomes together with an empowering action plan. Used together, these books are targeted pain science at its best. 

Clinicians, educational experts, and researchers from around the world have reviewed and endorsed these books as helping educators to work effectively with children challenged by persistent pain. 

This book series can help: 

Children living with chronic pain 

  • To learn about their body’s incredible protective system
  • To feel acknowledged and validated in their experiences
  • To actively engage with school, sports, family, and friends

Parents and caregivers

  • To develop an understanding of the complexity of pain
  • To encourage evidence-based discussion with children 
  • To help children thrive 

Clinicians working with pediatric chronic pain 

  • To have up-to-date and targeted resources that will form the foundation for pain education
  • To easily integrate the latest neuroscience into pain treatment programs

School teachers 

  • To guide children experiencing pain through strategies to maximize class participation 
  • To promote well-being and resilience for all children through the lens of pain

These five hardcover books are each between 28-40 pages and come within a slipcase. To learn more or to purchase, visit OPTP.com or call 800.367.7393.