Many people may be doing damage to their back, neck and shoulders by using the wrong equipment when working from home. Physical therapists report that many people are using the sofa, kitchen counter or a coffee table to work on their laptop.

Some people find that working this way leads to poor posture; which may result in muscle tension, headache, fatigue and injury.

At-home workers can boost their posture and look their best on video calls when they are at home, on the move or even back in the office with the MOBICASE – a mobile office, second screen holder, adjustable video conferencing platform and laptop bag all in one.

The solution features a traction system designed to allow users to easily pull their laptop up to eye-level to help avoid eye strain. It also features a slimline semi-rigid shell designed to protect the laptop when it is on the move, a media release from Rovingwork notes.

“We wanted to give people the chance to work anywhere without neck strain. The MOBICASE revolutionizes the way people work and helps keep them safe.”

–Tim McKenzie, Managing Director of Rovingwork, the developers of MOBICASE

[Source(s): Rovingwork, PR Newswire]

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