NeuFit, a provider of advanced neuromuscular treatment for patients and athletes, recently launched its Neubie Grant Program. This initiative helps physical therapy practices who serve underprivileged patients access the company’s Neubie electrical stimulation device.

The device applies direct current electrical stimulation to restore movement and enhance mobility for patients recovering from an injury or surgery or with a neurological condition. It is also increasingly used by amateur and professional athletes and sports teams to achieve new levels of fitness performance.

The grant program will provide a clinic with their own Neubie device together with training for their staff and providers for 3 months at no charge. If the practice wishes to continue to use the Neubie device, NeuFit will work with them to provide special terms. Every 90 days, NeuFit will select a new clinic among qualified PT clinic applicants for the free program.

In order to qualify for the grant, a practice must treat an underserved population, wish to make a difference in people’s lives and get them back to doing what they love, and commit to the NeuFit core values.

The Neubie device was developed by NeuFit as part of an overall neuromuscular re-education methodology called the NeuFit Method. It is designed specifically for helping patients recover from accidents, injury, surgery, and neurological conditions.

Garrett Salpeter, a neuroscientist and engineer, and his team at NeuFit developed the Neubie device and the methodology. Salpeter recently published a book on his research and the use of the Neubie device, The NeuFit Method, Unleash the Power of the Nervous System for Faster Healing and Optimal Performance.

“The progress we have been able to achieve with patients to help them regain movement and restore mobility at our own practice as well as at Neubie practices across the country has been remarkable. The goal of our new grant program is to reach patients who typically may not have access to the latest technology advancements in physical therapy.”

— Garrett Salpeter

For more information about the Neubie Grant Program, visit NeuFit.

[Source(s): NeuFit, PR Newswire]