Vestibular First LLC has added a new infection control measure to its FDA-cleared tool for diagnosing dizziness, imbalance and vertigo. The enhanced Insight Pro Infrared Video Goggles will be available in March, the company announces.

Insight Pro is designed to assist practicing clinicians in physical therapy, otolaryngology, audiology, functional neurology, occupational therapy, athletic training and neuro-otology in visualizing a patient’s eyes to see movements invisible in room light. Eye movements are key information in putting together the puzzle of why a given patient may have dizziness and balance disorders like vertigo, says Vestibular First Co-Founder Patrick Esmonde, in a media release.

Many people with balance disorders are inadequately evaluated.

“Clinicians miss 60% of abnormal eye movement in just room light,” Esmonde says. “Our infrared goggles give clinicians additional information they wouldn’t have been able to get in their observations. Without the infrared goggles, it’s just an educated guess in diagnosing patients.”

Balance disorders like vertigo and dizziness can interfere with a patient’s daily activities and can often be debilitating.

“We want patients to be diagnosed as quickly and accurately as possible and at a low cost for clinicians,” Esmonde adds.

Insight Pro’s durable silicone cushion can now be easily swapped with a new disposable cushion, which aids in infection control — an important consideration during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With COVID and other infections of concern showing prevalence, it is exciting to see improvements in the realm of design and engineering that can maximize patient and health care provider safety, from hospital and rehabilitation settings to outpatient facilities.”

— Vestibular First Co-Founder Helena Esmonde, PT, DPT, NCS

Vestibular First has also updated the tool’s smart camera to automatically shut off when it is not engaged with the software, decreasing the product’s overall power usage.

In addition, the company redesigned the video goggles’ carrying case for ease of storage and transport.

[Source(s): Vestibular First, PR Newswire]