A new study published in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders demonstrates the ability of AposTherapy biomechanical footwear devices to help reduce pain associated with knee osteoarthritis and improve patients’ physical function and joint stiffness.

The study’s 455 participants, who all struggled with knee osteoarthritis, received AposTherapy devices that were individually calibrated to each patient to minimize symptoms while walking and train neuromuscular control. AposTherapy footwear was worn for short periods during patients’ daily activities for 6 months.

After just 6 months of treatment, researchers saw significant improvements in all gait parameters. Specifically, gait velocity, step length and single limb support of the more osteoarthritic knee improved by 13%, 8%, and 3%, respectively.

Additional measures of success confirmed by the study include: 

  • 49% pain reduction and 46% function improvement (above the recommended 16% threshold for clinical significance) 
  • 22% improvement in the quality of life

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[Source(s): Communications Strategy Group, AposTherapy]

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