IncludeHealth and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (Cincinnati Children’s) have reached an exclusive licensing agreement to commercialize a research-based digital health technology called aNMT (Augmented NeuroMuscular Training), according to a news release from IncludeHealth. 

aNMT (pronounced “animate”) offers camera-based, real-time movement analysis coupled with corrective feedback to optimize biomechanics for injury prevention and performance enhancement.

The technology will integrate with IncludeHealth’s cloud platform and data analytics solution to provide clinically validated treatment paths for physical therapy patients, including children and adults recovering from musculoskeletal diseases, disorders or injuries; seniors with mobility issues or other musculoskeletal pain; and athletes of all ages and physical ability, the release explains.

“For years, there has been a critical need for improved outcomes and care for musculoskeletal injury,” says Greg Myer, PhD, Director of The Human Performance Laboratory at Cincinnati Children’s and the Director of Sport Performance Optimized by Research & Technology (SPORT) Center, in the release.

Myer and his team in the Division of Sports Medicine at Cincinnati Children’s, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Cincinnati, developed aNMT, a digital solution to the problem of inconsistent results from musculoskeletal care.

An integration with IncludeHealth’s cloud platform and equipment enables physical therapists to quantitatively assess, standardize, and treat movement problems in real time. Movement is captured through state-of-the-art cameras, and positional information is processed in milliseconds through proprietary aNMT algorithms to provide immediate feedback regarding whether a movement was correct, the release continues.

“IncludeHealth has the opportunity to deliver this movement-correction technology to a wide and diverse range of populations and applications, such as children with developmental deficits who are limited in their free-play, elite athletes rehabilitating from an injury, and elderly populations working to reduce the risk of falls,” Myer states.

IncludeHealth’s cloud-based platform, commercially launched in early 2018, pairs HIPAA-compliant data capture and analysis software with connected equipment and sensors to guide patients toward optimal strength and human performance.

“IncludeHealth was built on the foundation of lowering barriers and improving access to health, wellness, and performance,” comments Ryan Eder, Founder and CEO of IncludeHealth, in the release.

“Integrating evidence-based aNMT technology into our platform further supports this mission and enables an unparalleled suite of products for driving next-generation musculoskeletal care and training.

“Collaborating with Dr Myer and Cincinnati Children’s is an honor and a major milestone for IncludeHealth,” Eder continues.

[Source(s): IncludeHealth, News-Medical Life Sciences]