In a recent news release, GAITRite – CIR Systems Inc, Sparta, NJ, announced that the GAITRite SURFACE has released an upgrade to “Real World Walking,” STEP UP/ STEP DOWN. The release notes that STEP UP/ STEP DOWN can be used to replicate stepping on and off a curb within the walkway. The STEP (representing a curb) can be set at different heights.

The release notes that multiple steps can also be incorporated in the layout to mimic climbing stairs. It is also possible to step up onto a platform (stage), turn around, and descend.

STEP UP/ STEP DOWN is created using the patented snap-together technology of the GAITRite SURFACE, without the use of tools or special cabling. The release adds that the GAITRite SURFACE’s expandable platform continues to provide the most unique system for studying movement by instructing a subject to walk on the SURFACE.

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[Source: GAITRite – CIR Systems Inc]