A free concussion care course, available as one-credit-hour of continuing medical education (CME) for physicians and a 45-minute webinar for non-physicians (other healthcare professionals, coaches, parents, educators, and advocates), focuses on a patient-centered approach to concussion care and speaks to this injury’s significant mental health component.

The video-and-slide course offered by Med Learning Group, “A Patient-Centered Approach to Concussion Care for Emergency Medicine and Primary Care Physicians,” contains up-to-date information on concussion research, best practices, specialty care referrals, and tools for evaluating and treating patients with acute and chronic symptoms, including a discussion of the prevalence of mental health disorders following a concussion.

Available from Concussion Alliance, the concussion care course features a unique format that combines perspectives from brain injury medicine physiatrist Elizabeth Sandel, MD, and persistent post-concussion symptom patient Conor Gormally. They’ll share information and insights for healthcare providers in primary care, emergency medicine, neurology, physiatry, sports medicine, and more.

Interspersed with Dr. Sandel’s recommendations is the compelling story of Gormally, 25, who articulates the challenges of living with multiple concussions. Gormally discusses the physical, mental, and emotional impacts of a concussion and chronic symptoms — along with his struggles learning how to advocate for school accommodations and effective healthcare.

For more information, visit Concussion Alliance.

[Source(s): Concussion Alliance, PR Newswire]