New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, along with Boston Private and Robert Paul Properties, announce the formation of the TB12 Foundation to help underprivileged young athletes receive good-quality postinjury care and training.

The aim of the nonprofit TB12 Foundation is to provide young athletes with free access to the best available postinjury rehabilitation and performance enhancement services, according to a media release from the TB12 Foundation.

“Injuries among young athletes are happening at an alarming rate, and the current quick-fix system of treating symptoms instead of causes is not working,” Brady explains in the release.

“The TB12 method is designed to help sustain my peak performance and is a huge part of why I have played at a high level throughout my athletic career. With the foundation, we’re committing to extend access to the TB12 services and facilities to promising young athletes, especially those who would otherwise be unable to obtain access without outside assistance,” he adds.

“Our continued partnership with Tom Brady and the TB12 Foundation leadership, with emphasis on serving young athletes who would not ordinarily be able to afford high-quality postinjury rehabilitation and performance enhancement services, parallels our team’s mission in several ways, including a customized approach to serving clients’ needs, dedication to excellence, and a commitment to providing powerful solutions unavailable anywhere else,” states Clayton Deutsch, CEO of Boston Private, in the release. “We look forward to sharing in the success of the Foundation and realizing the promise of its mission.”

For more information, to submit an application, or to offer support, visit TB12 Foundation.

[Source(s): TB12 Foundation, Business Wire]