Institute of Motion Analysis (IMA), a research institute devoted to the study of motion analysis in sports, will be established in Boulder, Colorado.

Comprising a number of sports scientists, exercise physiologists, coaches, physical therapists, and biomechanics experts, IMA aims to facilitate education and research around the role that motion analysis plays as a tool for measuring physical performance.

“Motion Analysis is the next frontier in study and application of sports performance training and research. IMA exists primarily to foster the advancement of the study and application of motion analysis, while establishing a vibrant community of key stakeholders,” says Kunihiko Kaji, president of IMA, in the release. “Our purpose is to identify practical implications of the established body of knowledge, while highlighting areas that require further exploration.”

“Research sponsored by IMA will ultimately give all sports research and training professionals the opportunity to have a platform to share and learn ideas, leading research and data, and the latest sports science discoveries for the benefit of advancing sports training and sports science,” Kaji adds.

IMA will be offering sponsorship and membership opportunities for companies interested in accessing or participating in the latest research in motion analysis in sports and connecting with IMA’s panel of experts, per the release.

[Source(s): Institute of Motion Analysis, Business Wire]