Orthopaedic Institute for Children has entered into a partnership with Gameday Athletic Trainers whereby OIC will provide general sports medicine services and serve as Gameday’s sole medical director for all of its programs throughout the greater Los Angeles area, it announces in a media release.

Gameday Athletic Trainers works with club programs, tournaments, and high schools on-site during competitions, events, and practices.

Through this partnership, physicians from OIC’s Center for Sports Medicine and Gameday Athletic Trainers will address the general sports medicine needs and issues that arise for athletes, including initial injury evaluations and treatments/procedures. OIC will also provide physician referrals when appropriate; make return-to-play decisions; and provide education to athletes, parents, and coaches on sports medicine-related issues, including injury prevention.

“Gameday Athletic Trainers’ primary goal is to provide the best standard of care to all athletes, and that perfectly aligns with our mission and belief at the OIC Center for Sports Medicine,” says director Richard Bowen, MD, in the release. “We are excited about this new partnership and anxious to help all young athletes raise their awareness of sports injuries and get the care they need quickly so they can get back in the game and continue to pursue their athletic passions.”

[Source(s): Orthopaedic Institute for Children, Business Wire]