Mediaplanet, in partnership with USA Today, announces the “Family and Sports Safety” campaign to highlight the importance of preventative action when dealing with sports and recreation-related injuries.

The campaign is aimed at encouraging parents, teachers, and coaches to support and educate child athletes by highlighting the preventable solutions available to ensure the children’s safety while playing sports. It will also serve as a guide to the most common types of injuries, the best ways to prevent those injuries, and the most resourceful way to treat those injuries if they do occur, according to a media release from Mediaplanet.

The campaign’s print component is distributed within USA Today in the Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Nashville, New York, and North Central Florida markets, with a circulation of approximately 250,000 copies and an estimated readership of 750,000.

The digital component is distributed nationally via social media and across a network of news sites, the release adds.

For more information, visit Mediaplanet.

[Source(s): Mediaplanet, PRWeb]