A new report released by CareerCast shares that many of the professions with the most favorable job outlook are in the healthcare field. Physical therapists and occupational therapists are among the top 10 that are most in demand.

According to the report, physical therapist—the No 2 most in-demand job—has a growth outlook of 34%, with 71,800 new job openings in the field expected through 2024. Occupational therapist—top job No 6—has a 27% growth outlook, with 30,400 new job openings expected.

Demand for physical therapists is also on the rise commensurate with patients seeking more preventative and restorative healthcare options, according to a media release from CareerCast.

The most in-demand profession, per the report, is home health aide, with an outlook percentage of 38% and 348,400 anticipated job openings by 2024.

[Source(s): CareerCast, PR Newswire]