In a collaborative partnership, practices that use Global Office (GO) Software’s GO Health Clinic Management and Electronic Medical Records Software will now have integrated access to telehealth functionality provided by eWellness’ Phzio.

Phzio’s telehealth features within the GO Health software will enable all calendar appointments to have a “telehealth option,” enabling a clinical specialist (such as a physical therapist) to click a link associated within the scheduled appointment and thereby initiate a remote telehealth session.

In addition, clinics will have access to Phzio’s library of therapeutic exercise videos for assembling monitored and unmonitored home exercise programs for patients, notes a media release from eWellness.

The “telehealth” capability will enable GO Health clients to reduce lost visits due to cancellations and patient “self discharge” while greatly improving patient access to clinical services. Each telehealth session will incur a “per session” fee, the proceeds from which will be split between Global Office Software and eWellness, the release continues.

“We see this partnership as one that enables our clients to generate more value for their patients. Patients want easier access and access from their phone—telehealth is how they will get it,” says Terry Davison, CEO of Global Office Software.

“This partnership is a win-win for everyone. GO gets a market leading telehealth solution for their clinical clients and we get access to clinics using GO’s industry leading software. Best of all, this partnership scales revenues for Clinic Owners, GO and eWellness,” adds Darwin Fogt, CEO of eWellness, in the release.

[Source(s): eWellness, Marketwired]