The University of St Augustine for Health Sciences’ (USAHS) San Marcos, Calif, campus, now offers a Center for Innovative Clinical Practice, where students can experience physical and occupational therapy simulations in realistic settings.

The center features a simulation training center and equipment specific to the practice of physical and occupational therapy, in order to provide a safe place for students to help build their confidence, experience, and abilities, and ultimately become better prepared for clinical work upon graduation.

“Many institutions of higher education have medical simulation facilities, but USAHS is one of the first to have a dedicated simulation training center and state-of-the-art equipment specific to the practices of physical and occupational therapy,” says Dr Susan Saxton, senior vice president of innovation and emerging strategies for USAHS, in a media release.

“Looking forward, our students will transform the rehabilitative space, where they will be more than a clinician, but a clinical leader. We are proud to be blazing a new trail in using simulation in rehabilitative education.”

Features of the new Center for Innovative Clinical Practice include a 16-bed patient ward; a dedicated area for occupational therapy education; two patient assessment rooms, which provide acute care and clinical scenarios; a complex simulation room; a 25-seat observation and debriefing room; and an activities of daily living lab with a kitchen, bedroom, dining, closet, bathroom, and living area.

[Source: University of St Augustine for Health Sciences]